Option Bot 2.0 Upgrade

option botOption Bot 2.0 Review: I’ve got an exclusive 7 day free trial offer for my much awaited 2.0 update of Option Bot. Since our first launch 8 months ago as the worlds first binary options indicator for currency pairs.

So much has changed, and we’re now proud to be part of the Binary Options Trading Training company Option XE which brings a massive new support network to help our users.

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Well, this time next week Option Bot 2.0 will be made available to the public, so I’m now offering free upgrades to paid customers, and free trials to people that tried the 1.0 version.

The old Option Bot was previously only available as a download on Windows PC, but this new and improved 2.0 update allows users to access the software on Mac, PC, Tablet and Smart Phone.

Not only that, but it’s more customisable, has tons more features and there’s now even live chat support, welcome telephone calls and weekly trading webinars included in their package

The trial is limited to 100 users on a first come first served basis, so get on over to the site and get your trial/upgrade asap.

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option bot 2.0

Option Bot

option botSo I got another Option Bot review today telling me about the next big thing in binary options blah, blah blah, and like an idiot I decided to Option Bot 1.0 check it out.

It was a familiar product, it was Option Bot 2.0 and I was already an Option Bot 1.0 customer, and to be honest, I didn’t really move forward financially with the first version. I just sort of stayed at the same level, and every time I did have some success, it was quickly wiped out by losing trades.

I didn’t have a bad opinion of the software, I just didn’t really have an opinion at all. But boy was I wrong!

The new version, is simply incredible, it’s faster, I had no issues installing it, as the last version was a real pig to get working correctly, but the service I got from them was completely different to last time.

I had a nice lady called Debbie call me up and make sure the software was working correctly, she explained how the software now works, and how it’s been improved, and I was even given a golden opportunity to sit in a webinar (which was a tad expensive) but this webinar was the making for me.

I was starting to really make money, and it wasn’t getting wiped out early on, it just kept building and now I have a genuine second income that I feel I can rely on.

Knowing that there are real people at the end of the phone that want you to succeed is really something you need to make the step from sceptic to home trader and whilst I wouldn’t quit my day job just quite yet, it certainly helps out a great deal having something extra to boost my weekly income.

What I would say to anyone that is thinking of trying it out, it have a look at the site, have a look at what they are doing for people, and get stuck in. I did, and so far, fingers crossed it’s not a decision I regret in the least.

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Option Bot 2.0 – Just another binary options scam?

option botOption Bot 2.0 Review: I don’t normally write about stuff like this, but I’m sick to my teeth about all this binary options programs that promise to make you a millionaire, people that don’t even put their name to the product and just use stupid names like “Mr X”and whatnot, it just drives me up the wall. Check out Option Bot – it’s absolutely RISK-FREE when you follow this LINK!

But a breath of fresh air came my way after I discovered the reviewed version of Option Bot, now in its 2.0 version which is finally available on mac! The first of many positive things that I can’t contain myself about.
Firstly, they don’t promise you the earth, they ask you treat binary options trading as an alternative to your bank, and they don’t mean to put all of your money in to is, but to look at your profits as interest on your capital investment, rather than “I’m gonna be rich in a year” and this outlook won my attention pretty quickly.

option bot 2.0

The software has recently undergone a transition, the creator Gary Davies has recently recruited an outsourced company called Option Bot who specialise in binary options training courses to handle the professional trading aspect, and as such not only has the software had an overhaul, it’s also revisited the trading methodology and I simply cannot fault this piece of software in any way shape or form.  In fact, whilst it initially feels very similar to the original version at first, when you run a few trades with it and they keep hitting the nail on the head nearly every time, you realise that quite a lot has gone on in the background, and the results really do speak for themselves.
option bot downloadIt’s not all happy times though, Option Bot offer a 1 week training course on the software at a hefty cost of $2997 for 10 hours of intensive trade training spread over a week, but a decided I was going to just go for it….. and what a great decision that was.  Firstly, I was stunned to find out after I agreed to pay them that they actually used most of the money to fund binary options accounts in my name, and that money was now there for me to trade with.  I wasn’t expecting that at all, the webinar actually only cost $797 as they funded 5 accounts with $440 on my behalf and told me to just copy the trader on the webinar, and you’ll make back your money in no time.
They Option Bot were right, during the webinars themselves I made $1766 in my first week, and I went on to build an average return of 4% of my trading capital per trade.  I did lose a few, but you have to expect that, however my overall position has increased my profits to over 100% in just 3 weeks, so I’m now trading with pure profit.
It’s a realistic take on something that I always knew had potential and I’m glad I bit the bullet. Check out Option Bot – it’s absolutely RISK-FREE when you follow this LINK!

option bot download

Option Bot – The Right Way To Trade Forex

Option Bot DownloadDoes Option Bot really make a difference with your forex investments, or is it just another gimmick?

==> Find Out The Truth Here! <==

Option Bot Overview:

Option Bot Is it worth the money?

After testing the Option Bot for ourselves, we can safely inform you that it really does help you to boost your earnings with forex, and when compared to different investor’s products, it’s worth every dime.

But don’t just take our word for it, as we have checked with loads of other websites and have found the forex Option Bot scores incredibly highly in reviews in all of them – THE Option Bot IS NOT A SCAM! It has been certified by numerous other forex professionals and so we highly recommend it if you are determined to win in forex markets!

One thing that’s true about the forex industry is that there are lots of scams on the internet, which promise to double, triple, even quadruple your money in just a few weeks. But of course, most of the time they fail to deliver results. But we can safely assure you that Option Bot is different! And what’s more, the price is extremely affordable – you get what you paid for, and a lot more too when you see those profits shooting up!

If you are looking for something to guide you safely through the highly volatile world of foreign exchange trading, then you have to have the Option Bot. We can safely say that this is one product you shouldn’t ignore.

What’s Good About Option Bot:

It delivers: Different from many of the other forex products you see, the Option Bot truly does deliver the profits it promises you. If you really want to profit from on the currency markets, then the Option Bot will absolutely give you an edge.

Make a fortune with a small capitalOption Bot makes it likely that traders will make a real impact on the foreign exchange market without the need to be loaded in the first place! traders can translate just a few thousand Euros into tens of thousands in just a few days!

Ideal for beginners: It’s not necessary to have experience to make money with the Option Bot. It’ll teach you everything you need to know about forex so you can learn about the best situations where you are most likely to earn a profit.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee: So you can be sure there is zero risk with the Option Bot.

8 Weeks Money Back Guarantee

When you buy the Option Bot, your purchase is completely safe and without risk. Why? The reason is they give an incredible guarantee – if you are not satisfied with it for any reason, you can return it within 60 days and get all the money back – no questions asked, just a complete refund, guaranteed. You really can’t fail on the forex markets when you buy theOption Bot, there is no risk involved! So why not try it today? We believe in it, so just take a moment to see it for yourself.

The verdict?

Do not delay – while you are wasting time considering this offer, you could be earning money in forex! Purchase your copy TODAY

Check out Option Bot – it’s absolutely RISK-FREE when you follow this LINK!

Option Bot Review

How to Trade Binary Options

option bot reviewBinary Options Trading is quite a simple concept, you choose if an asset is going to go up or down within a set amount of time, and if you’re correct you get a fixed amount back in the region of 180%.
What’s not to love about that? Well I’ll tell what isn’t to be loved about that, and that’s the fact that it’s pretty much guess work, meaning that you can’t really make informed trades.
But fortunately, some brightspark computer geeks have come to our rescue, by creating a piece of software called Option Bot, the worlds most accurate binary options indicator.
Option Bot features one of the best live financial data feeds of it’s kind, some speculate that it might even be faster than the feeds that some platforms use, giving it a sort of precognitive advantage for the user.
However, the most important thing to focus on is that this is the first piece of software of it’s kind to be made available for public use, whereas people normally have software like this developed for personal use to win more trades.

So how does it work?

Well, you have 2 main parameters that you set on the software, tolerance (which is basically the same as PIPS) and time frame (between 1 minute and 1 hour) the default settings when you first launch the software are the same of that on the video on the site, that shows the software providing just 2 signals, which allowed the user to profit by $1622 in 45 minutes.
The software basically looks at the settings you’ve decided on, so lets say you set it to 30 PIPS in 15 Minutes, if it sees any upward or downward movement in 15 minutes of that size, it will tell you where and when this happened. This then allows the user to either select a call or put option, which in the case of the video advice on the site, they use a what goes up must come down ethos, so if it shows EUR/USD going UP they will place a trade going DOWN.
It really works, and it’s good to finally see some binary options software to give more traders the edge. Certainly worth checking out, especially as you can download and use the software for free for the first 7 days with no obligation.

Click Here Option Bot  Officiall Web Site

option bor download

Binary Freedom Formula Is Scam !! Software Review Facts !!

Binary Freedom Formula is changing things forever. Binary Trading won’t be same.

Really, check this out right now – ==> Binary Freedom Formula Official Site

Binary Freedom Formula logoIf you are looking for the question Is Binary Freedom Formula a Scam Software.Our close investigation into the unbelievable claims made about this software offer, we can reveal in this review all the reasons why Binary Freedom Formula is a scam.We would not want anyone to lose money by funding a trading account for this binary options software offer and relying on an automated system that is not to be trusted. In this Binary Freedom Formula review we set out all the evidence which points to a scam trading system that clearly should be avoided.

The Binary Freedom Formula software is said to be the first push-button trading system that is guaranteed to be 100% accurate for trading in binary options. It has been developed by Glenn Hascall. He has a PhD in Finance and Statistics and wants to offer the Binary Freedom Formula App for free, to just a few “randomly selected” people, before putting the price up to $9997!.Glenn Hascall says that he and his team have made more than $38 Million in profits from the signals App, over three years of research and development. During testing, he says, it generated more than a Million dollars every month.The software  and mobile app are designed for automated binary options trades that are claimed to be 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

Binary Freedom Formula leader3

How is the Binary Freedom Formula Software Supposed to Work?

To activate your copy, you have to fill out your details on the Binary Freedom Formula website and enter the VIP members’ area inside. From that page you have to grab one of the remaining spots by opening a trading account and funding it for your automated trades in binary options. The software will do everything for you and the Binary Freedom Formula signals are supposed to generate a huge dollars in just 30 days.

Why Binary Freedom Formula Is A Scam ? Real Proof Revealed !

In researching for this review we have found a great many warning signs and we have gathered Binary Freedom Formula 1together all the evidence which shows that the Binary Freedom Formula method scam has been set up to mislead people into thinking they will become wealthy by using the automated trading system.We present all the evidence in this section of our Binary Freedom Formula system review to show that deceptive tactics are being used to promote it and the information provided does not prove anything. There is no guarantee against losing money with this scam.

First we tried to find out more about Glenn Hascall, Creator and CEO of Binary Freedom Formula method. There are many people of that name, and some are executives, but there is no trace of any multimillionaire trader who has set up his own business to develop a binary trading app.The only information provided about the business on the Binary Freedom Formula website shows it to be founded by the CEO Hascall, with a director who is only named as Cruiz. Dainel is the software engineer, Eva does customer support and Kate does is the market analyst. These names are accompanied by what look like stock photos taken from an image site.

Why Binary Freedom Formula System is a Fake Company ?

If this was a legitimate company, and not a scam, the full names would be given in the BinaryFreedomFormula.com website. Just giving the first names and showing profile photo taken from a stock image site is a clear indication that these are not real people and there is no such Binary Freedom Formula company.The Twitter and Facebook feeds on the website never change and only show first names. True tweets and Facebook comments always feature a username, not a first name, so these are not genuine feeds.The video focuses on the idea that accessing the Binary Freedom Formula App is like getting hold of a winning lottery ticket. There is no information about how the trading signals are calculated and plenty about living a luxury lifestyle and what it is like to make millions. After showing some stock images of a luxury house and a fast car, the narrator says that these belong to him.

Fake Testimonial and Reviews Exposed 

The Three Binary Freedom Formula system video testimonials use paid actors who hire themselves out for this type of work. If these nameless people really had made a million dollars in thirty days, they have obviously not spent any of it on new clothes or hairstyles.In the live trading video, the unnamed female keeps saying “This is unbelievable!” and she ends up after 30 days with more than million in her account. In reality, why would anyone want to leave such a big amount in a broker account without at least withdrawing some of it!

Binary Freedom Formula 2Binary Freedom Formula 3

Tactics that are used to get people to join the Binary Freedom Formula bot put on the pressure by making it appear there are only 10 copies left when you arrive at the website and this number keeps reducing when you stay on the homepage. Each time we accessed the website for the purposes of this review, we saw the same number of available copies. The countdown clock showing how long is left before the offer closes also starts up every time.It is implied that only a select few people will be given access to the free MillionDollarMonths.com software. Glenn Hascall says he only wants 28 people to be allowed to use it for free. This is just to urge people to sign up instantly and open a trading account.The only guarantee you get with the Binary Freedom Formula scam is an empty promise that there is nothing to lose. The fact is that you have to place $250 or more in a new trading account, and there is no way to get a refund if you lose all of it.


Our investigation into Binary Freedom Formula Method for this review proves it to be a real scam. We must issue a strong warning at the conclusion of our review that this free software offer for using a binary options trading system is not to be trusted. There is absolutely no real guarantee of 100% success and there is some risk involved in funding an account to use with the Binary Freedom Formula App.Post your Comments below

Binary Freedom Formula leader2

Forex Indicator Pro – The Forex Indicator Pro Scam Revealed

The Forex Indicator Pro Scam Revealed: The other day, a friend of mine mentioned being taken in by a Forex scam. I assured him that he wasn’t the only one, because let’s be honest; a lot of us have given away just a little bit too much of our cash after promises of riches were flung in our faces. Click here to save 74% on this amazing tool


So, whenever a new Forex Indicator Pro product hits the market, my immediate response tends to be “what’s the catch?” After all, there’s always a catch. Most of these products are just repackaged robots that have already lost people a LOT of money and will probably lose you money too if you’re not careful.

We’re not Wall Street gurus with 20 years of experience trading currencies. We don’t keep the rates on fifty currency pairs memorized at all times and have a tally on our desktops of every pip we’ve ever gained or lost. We just want a simple way to make a little extra money using a surprisingly powerful market tool.

Which is why Forex Indicator Pro seems too good to be true. It comes directly from an ex-Wall Street banker. It’s not a robot, but insider access to the real Forex inner circle secrets that bankers like to keep to themselves.

So, it must be a scam, right?

That was my original response, but it turns out that Forex Indicator Pro is even more than the sum of its parts. Not only can you flip on your Push Button TradeaLike Software and watch as your profits increase; you learn immediately what someone does when a market condition changes. At first, it’s fun to see a pro go to work, but with time, you will learn the ins and outs of Forex better than any robot could ever hope to.

And as a result, money will be made. I’ve been doing this for a while now and rarely have I seen a Forex Indicator Pro product so thoroughly offer powerful, proven trades that I can make money with. And I probably won’t see another one any time soon.

P.S: This is your day to stop studying yourself blind about forex trading, not knowing when to get in or out, and having the absolute joy of knowing your future is rock solid with 4 years of solid proof this is the Forex Indicator Pro best software of its kind.

Missing out is the same thing as promising yourself the same failures you’ve had before. Now is your time to move forward with massive results and 100% Risk-Free results. It doesn’t get any easier!!!

Star Wars Binary Bot Review – Does The Star Wars Binary Bot System Ac

Star Wars Binary Bot Review Is Star Wars Binary Bot Review Software Scam Or Legit? My Honest Star Wars Binary Bot Review Share With You My Experience & Results with It

First Star Wars Binary Bot Secrets >>>  CLICK HERE TO SEE Star Wars Binary Bot IN LIVE ACTION + $1000 BONUS NOW!

Product Name: Star Wars Binary Bot
Star Wars Binary Bot Site: Star Wars Binary Bot Review
Star Wars Binary Bot Price: FREE
Star Wars Binary Bot Creator: Dark Pool

Satar Wars Binary bots

Is The Star Wars Binary Bot System Legit?

A good question and one that I will answer soon in my Star Wars Binary Bot review. If you are looking for the details on this new system and I’m guessing you are otherwise why are you here? Then check back to this page…

Check back to get my full review of this new system coming soon!

Money is a necessary part of our everyday lives, even if you’d rather avoid it. You should know as much about controlling your Star Wars Binary Bot reviews and finances as possible. Use the following tips to begin understanding how to deal with your money.

You can easily create a budget based on your expenses and your income. Look at how much you and your partner earn after taxes each month. You need to include income from all Star Wars Binary Bot Scam sources, including that which comes from rental properties or part-time employment. After this, you have to make sure that what you spend does not go over the income you bring home.

It is crucial that you figure out what you will spend. Keep track of every time you spend money for anything. Do not forget to add in costs that come with having a vehicle, including repairs and insurance. If you eat out on a regular basis, or purchase breakfast on your way to work each day, make sure these are also added. You also need to write out Star Wars Binary Bot Reviews for various services you may pay for occasionally, like when you go out and need a babysitter. Make sure that your list is as complete as possible.

Once you see where all your money is going, determine what expenses you can get rid of. One easy thing you can do is bring coffee from home instead of stopping for expensive lattes on the way to work. Look for other such items that you can eliminate without too much trouble for Star Wars Binary Bot before you begin devising your long-term budget.

Updating your home in energy-efficient ways can often help to lower your skyrocketing utility expenses. Weatherizing your windows can take a huge bite out of your heating bill, as you don’t need to heat and cool your home as much. Another easy way to lower your power usage is to replace your current hot water heater with an energy-efficient one. Checking water pipes for leaks and only running your dishwasher when Star Wars Binary Bot and others it is full can help to lower your monthly water bills. Although water pipe repairs may be expensive, in the long term they will save you money.

Consider getting rid of your old appliances and buying new energy efficient ones. These new appliances will save you tons of money each month on your electricity and water bills. When you unplug Star Wars Binary Bot appliances that have continual indicator lights, you will save a great deal of electricity.

You will lose a lot of energy through your walls and roof. If you update your insulation, you can turn down your heat or air conditioning. While many of these changes can be expensive to pay for Star Wars Binary Bot and for outright, down the road, many of these improvements will save you money by lowering energy costs.Satar Wars Binary bot logo

When you use these tips, you will be able to cut down on your expenses and save more money. Funds you generate this way could get spent on home improvements or new electronics and appliances that can save you even more money on lower utility bills. This will give you more control over your finances and a better way of life. First Star Wars Binary Bot Secrets >>>  CLICK HERE TO SEE Star Wars Binary Bot IN LIVE ACTION + $1000 BONUS NOW!


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Guaranteed Payouts System Review – Does it Really Work or Scam?

Read this Comprehensive Guaranteed Payouts Review before you make any mistake and spend your hard earned money in vain. Download Guaranteed Payouts Software for FREE of Cost Right Here

I want to tell you how I got started with Guaranteed Payouts software. You see for the past 3 years I was desperately seeking a way to earn online. Following a dream of not having to be stuck in the 9 to 5 job by working my own hours and doing what I wanted in life.

Guaranteed Payouts

Do you know the saying “seek and you shall find?” Despite being told otherwise for most of my adult life I never lost hope and finally found what I was seeking for and it’s called Guaranteed Payouts System.

With that said I’m not going try to force it on you and say that this is what you have been looking for, as I don’t know you. But if you’re on this site it means you’re looking for a way to earn online and I’ll gladly help you decide if this is for you in my Guaranteed Payouts review.

Well, to be more exact you can spend 20 minutes a day and double these profits, this is up to you. Guaranteed Payouts is a money-making program currently being offered for free online. Members get 90 days of free access to Guaranteed Payouts software.

How does the Guaranteed Payouts software work? To use it, you begin by opening an account at a binary options broker and depositing $200 into your account. You then connect Guaranteed Payouts software to your account by following the instructions inside Guaranteed Payouts members area. Guaranteed Payouts then makes trades for you.

Having used the Guaranteed Payouts software for a few days, I’m really happy with the results. Sitting at your computer and watching and waiting for it to make trades is incredibly boring (it will only make a trade when the conditions are right, so most of the time it does nothing, but you have to leave your computer running so that it can make a trade whenever it needs to), so I just leave it alone and see what it’s done at the end of the day.

After a couple more weeks of building up my account I will change the settings in the Guaranteed Payouts software to make slightly larger trades. This means my risk (relative to my account total) will basically be the same, but my daily profit will be greater. I don’t know for sure it that’s exactly how it will work out, but that’s what I have in mind anyway.

All I know about binary options trading is that it involves selecting 1 of 2 outcomes, and that a trade is obviously profitable when the outcome selected proves to be true. I don’t know anything about the factors the software has to consider to make trades because no information is provided about this inside Guaranteed Payouts. I would have liked to have known about that kind of stuff before investing my $100 to get the system started, but since they weren’t willing to divulge that info I figured $100 was a small enough amount to risk to find out if Guaranteed Payouts really works, which is why I went ahead. I’m obviously glad I did! Get Instant Access to Guaranteed Payouts Right Here

Guaranteed Payouts SystemIt is completely risk-free as I’ve tried it myself.

You don’t need to pay anything to download Guaranteed Payouts Software. It is completely free of cost when you click here.

1) DOWNLOAD Guaranteed Payouts System/Software Here For FREE

2) Install Guaranteed Payouts System (works on Windows and Mac)

3) Start the software and create a free account

4) Once you have finished registration, your software license will be activated for free of cost.

The Guaranteed Payouts software then starts searching for binary signals and will alert you when there is any profitable binary signal. All you have to do then is open position in that particular trade and the software will handle the rest of the work.

So, What does the Software do?

Basically, the Guaranteed Payouts software will notify you when to trade and what to trade. These “signals” come from the same source the big boys at wall street use, so they are extremely profitable. Now, im not gonna lie, at first I was really skeptical about the whole signal thing, so I put it to the test. I’m a father first, over marketing so I only had around 1 hour and 15 minutes to “play around” before I had to commit to my son, but in that short space of an hour, I received 18 “signals” to trade.

From my 18 trade, I had a 88% success rate, which is great! Admittedly I was only using small trades to get started but later on I once I’ve gotten more confident I will increase my investment per trade so my return is higher.

The Guaranteed Payouts software also has a “automater mode” which will trade for you, perfect for people like me who can’t sit at the computer all the time, as long as you leave your machine on, it will continue to trade for you.

Bottom line:

I was VERY skeptical to begin with, but after just an hour trading, I’m 88% successful and more importantly – I’m in profit!

Granted I’m not a millionaire, but as I stated now that I am confident in the Guaranteed Payouts system I will increase my investment to reap larger rewards.

Guaranteed Payouts – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guaranteed Payouts?

Guaranteed Payouts is the world’s first guaranteed money system. Membership is FREE but it is strictly limited to a maximum of 90 people who join us.

How do members of Guaranteed Payouts actually make money?

All members of Guaranteed Payouts get access to a FREE software app that automatically trades on the Binary Options markets. The software is fully automated and places the winning trades for you with remarkable pin-point accuracy!

What makes Guaranteed Payouts different to other trading software?

We are completely unlike anything else you may have seen online before. Our software (Guaranteed Payouts) takes advantage of publicly available raw data and exploits the Timings Anomaly that exists in the global marketplace. We are strictly monitored by independent third party auditors.

How much money can I make with this software?

To put it in short, there’s no limit. To put it more technically, it really depends on how much money you fund your account with. Most of our members fund their account with around $300, and make about $900-$1200 daily. Those who fund their account with $500 or more make over $2,500 per day!

Why do I need to make a Deposit?

Although our software is free, you do need to deposit at least $250 into your trading account so that Guaranteed Payouts can actually place trades and start making you profits. Remember you will easily make this back on your first day, and you can withdraw this money at any time! I would personally suggest starting with $500 or more, but $250 is fine too!

I have never Traded before. Can I still make a Profit?

Yes. You don’t need to have any experience in online trading as Guaranteed Payouts software does everything for you. The timings of the trades are very important which is why we developed it to be hands-free, placing the trade at the exact required time.

I don’t have a credit card, so can I still become a member?

Yes, firstly Guaranteed Payouts is completely FREE so you won’t need a credit card to access the software. Secondly, all the Brokers we integrate with have several methods for taking payments such as e-wallet, wire transfer and more.

Will the software work on my PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone?

Yes, Guaranteed Payouts is a web based software and is compatible with all computers, tablets and smart phones as long as you have an internet connection. Because the application is web based, this means it will keep running online even when you switch off your device.

Do I need to register a new account with our recommended brokers?

Guaranteed Payouts is only compatible with our recommended brokers. Even if you already have a Trading account elsewhere it is imperative that you register with our brokers using the form in the members area. If you get a message that your email address already exists then you will need to use an alternative email address.

Make sure you enter your correct phone number so they can contact you with any questions. You will need to make the brokers minimum deposit in order to start using the software. Remember, this is your money and you can get it back at any time.

I don’t have much free time – Is this really automated?

YES! You simply click play in the Guaranteed Payouts software and it will trade for you! You can walk away from your computer, and enjoy your profits! You don’t have to be anywhere near the software for it to work for you and make you thousands per day!

I need to speak to someone… Do you have any Customer Support?

Yes, our customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us via the email address below. Alternatively, if you enter your phone number in the registration form, one of our team will be able to call you back as soon as possible.

You can make hundreds of dollars every time Guaranteed Payouts catches this sideways movements.

And it WORKS!

Go give it a look, I don’t care why…but he’s giving it away and I’m already using my copy to blazing results!